The problem with visual gamete assessment

The visual assessment of human germ cells (gametes) is a very critical point of quality assurance.

For sperms the criteria are defined by the WHO, for zygotes, oocytes and embryos described in medical books and specialist journals.

The problem: In most of the laboratories the morphology  and motility will be still assessed visually with a microscope. Consequently, the result is subjective and can have, depending on the experience, a significant measurement error .



The online training brings significant improvement

With a continuous training, using GameteExpert, this measurement error can considerably be reduced.

GameteExpert shows images and videos of sperms, oocytes and embryos. Assess the morphology features, determine the sperm motility and compare your results with international experts.

With GameteExpert you can also train within a team. Everybody assess online and independently the chosen image series. The supervisor sees the individual results and monitors the performance of the group.

GameteExpert is very well suited for external quality assurance by inter-laboratory monitoring. The main advantage: All participants see exactly the same samples.

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