New functions for internal quality assessment

July 2012 | The so called “supervisor function” has been further developed for Internal Quality Assessment (IQA).

Each laboratory has at least one basic licence for UK NEQAS External Quality Assessment (EQA) and optionally for the staff additional individual licences for IQA.

With the new features the supervisor gets an even better overview of all individual licences within the lab, while and after assessment phase.
  This service will be carried out by the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS).

The UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme, which consists of 4 distributions per annum, offers 2 assessment schemes: Andrology and Embryology. Here you can find more information.

 While assessment the supervisor can assign to EQA and see whether the participants have completed the inputs


In this example the basic licence holder (supervisor) Jane Kruger who has a licence for Andrology & Embryology is assigned for Andrology and Embryology EQA. With click on the link assign the assignments can be amended to individual licences, which is shown on the next figure.


Now, Embryology EQA is assigned to Nicola Meier and the Andrology EQA to Peter Turner.

Nicola has already assessed completely. Peter has not finished yet (33%).

While assessment the supervisor cannot see the results yet.

 After assessment the supervisor can see the results of all participants


After assessment phase, when all participants can see their match with the consensus results, the supervisor gets an overview of all participants of his lab.

Nicola Meier, who is assigned to Embryology, has 100% assessed and got the grade yellow. Peter Turner, assigned for Andrology, has also 100% completed and got the grade yellow.

Now, supervisor Jane Kruger can login to all participants of the lab and see entiry assessment details.