Internet based player for embryo development time-lapse videos

May 2018 | GameteExpert has developed an Internet based player which allows participants to watch time-lapse videos for observation of embryo development on the computer screen.

The videos will be used for training and quality assessment of manual time-lapse annotation. Embryo clips can now be moved backwards and forwards frame by frame, and 5 or 7 focal planes through the embryo can be accessed mimicking more closely routine time-lapse assessment within the laboratory.

This module uses images taken from the EmbryoScope time-lapse system.

Time-lapse technology, commercialised as EmbryoScope®, Primo Vision™, Geri®, Esco Miri®-TL or EEVA™, allows continuous observation of embryo development.

With such system embryos can be monitored for up to 17 focal planes until day of transfer with images taken at 5 to 10 minutes intervals with low exposure to electromagnetic radiation and without taking the embryos out of the incubator.

Dedicated software analyses the captured images and assists the embryologists to select the embryos for the transfer.